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Door Hanger Marketing

People who have visited hotels at least once in their lives probably paid attention to special cards asking them not to disturb or clean the room. This type of printing product is called door hangers. A few years ago, it was used exclusively for informational purposes, and even then not in every hotel. 

Recently, however, many brands have realized that door hangers can also be a great option for marketing. Door hanging marketing is a very profitable and viable marketing tactic. Placing a brand logo or company name helps improve recognition and attract potential customers. The main thing is to design the door hanger according to your company’s concept.

Door hangers are a marketing tool that can help further build your business. You can use them to:

  • announce new business
  • introduce existing one to potential customers
  • promote an event
  • distribute coupons and promote a sale
  • introduce a new service or product

Benefits of Door Hanger Marketing

1. Attention Grabber

If there is something on the doorknob when they come home, they will have to make an effort to remove it before coming in. In the process, they will probably at least look at it. Since you have just that short moment to grab your potential customer’s attention, you should make sure that your door hanger is simple, aesthetically pleasing and makes a good offer.

2. Cost-Effective

When it comes to marketing materials, door hangers are one of the most affordable solutions. And we are not just talking about the price of door hangers themselves. You can make use of your company’s personnel to distribute them, which would further reduce the overall cost.

3. Highly Targeted

You can target specific streets or houses. Marketing that is more focused is more effective. Roofers can leave a hanger for homes in need of repair. Contractors can put door hangers at nearby homes so that neighbours who enjoy their work can contact them for their own tasks. Landscaping companies can only market to yards. A cafe can leave its menus for nearby residents. This technique allows you to focus your marketing and promotion efforts on potential customers solely.

4. Easily Convey Your Message

Not only can you include all of your contact information, but you can also highlight any discounts, special pricing, or anything else that you think might be valuable in attracting new customers. Perforation marks can be used to make coupons a part of your door hangers, allowing future consumers to easily tear off crucial information without damaging the hanging. You can print them in full colour on both sides, which will make them stand out from the crowd. Big headlines and a concise, direct message and call to action will make people remember your offer.

5. Build Trust

Undoubtedly, one of the most beneficial aspects of door-to-door marketing is the personal touch that the salesperson can provide. With the emergence of internet marketing, clients would be quite impressed by a salesperson who takes the time and effort to personally go from door to door, handing out door hangers and talking with customers. This also helps to establish trust with your customers.

Door Hanger Marketing Response Rate

The response rate of a marketing campaign is an important aspect in determining its success. Response rates for door hanger marketing are depending on how well they are targeted and how relevant they are to the intended consumer, just as they are for other forms of advertising. Return on investment (ROI) might range from one percent to three percent or more, but on average, you should expect a return on investment of two percent (return on investment).

Types of Hangers

  1. Neck Hanger: such printed products are installed on the necks of a glass bottle or on various ledges.
  2. Door Hangers: as the name suggests, are mounted on the doors of offices, apartments, houses or hotel rooms.
  3. Advertising Hangers: a type of printed product that is used to convey a certain advertising message. When designing items, it’s critical to consider the target audience and use high-quality materials to ensure that they have the greatest possible beneficial impact on them.
  4. Information Hangers: these are announcements or invitations for a specific event or subject. Hotel hangers with “Do not disturb” and “Please clean” are examples. Also, sizes are information hangers – cardboard objects placed on hangers with clothes that convey information about a product’s size.


GogoAds is one of the leading printing service providers in Johor. We have unlimited options for printing door hangers, from uncoated to matte and glossy finishes, all available in various sizes. If you do not have a print-ready design, you do not need to worry, we have professionals who can design your door hangers for you, according to your preferences. You can see our door hangers offer to get more information. If you need further help, please Contact us.




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