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eco-friendly bags

Five Reasons To Use Eco Bags

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eco-friendly bags

Probably, many people have a box at home in which packages from stores are stored. After all, every time we go shopping, we habitually buy another plastic bag – it seems to be convenient and fast. And then they accumulate and accumulate and end up in a landfill.  However, if you think about the harm that plastic does to the environment, then you just don’t want to buy such a bag once again.

What is an eco bag?

A high-quality, stylish, and practical reusable eco-bag is an excellent replacement for a plastic bag. The bag is made from eco-friendly natural materials that are safe for the environment and biodegradable. The resulting organic matter is a fertilizer for the soil. The mass use of eco-bags makes it possible to reduce the production of polyethylene packaging, and therefore reduce the negative impact on nature. 

Varieties of eco-bags

Products are produced in various forms. It can be a simple or an elegant modern bag, a youth “bag” with long handles, a flat rectangular or trapezoidal design, or with the addition of side parts and a bottom for more spaciousness.

Types of eco bags

With the choice and purchase of an eco-bag, you will not have any problems. On sale, there is a huge number of practical and convenient products that do not take up much space in a handbag, if necessary, easily turn into a large and roomy bag for any purchases. Most of them are in the form of a bag with handles or a T-shirt bag, but if you wish, you can find an eco-bag in the form of a backpack, an eco-bag-keychain, or an eco-bag with which you will not be ashamed to go to the beach or to meet friends.

Eco bags with wide long handles are designed to carry bulky items and heavy goods on the shoulder over long distances. In eco-friendly bags with short handles, it is very convenient to transport purchases to your home or car in your hand. Well-known designers consider it their honorable duty to release at least one eco-bag for sale. Therefore, anyone can choose a bag for shopping – both those who are guided by practical considerations when choosing and those who want to look stylish and fashionable in any situation.

Eco bags instead of bags

To decorate the eco-bag, color printing is used – diverse drawings and inscriptions can be applied to the fabric, the brightness, and clarity which are maintained for the entire time of use. With the help of decor, the product becomes a stylish accessory that will go well with classic coats and shoes, jeans and sneakers, summer dresses, etc. clothing.

What store the buyer would not go to – they almost always offer to pack the purchase in a plastic bag. Service is good, but it’s time to think about what harm to the environment will bring hundreds of packages thrown into a landfill? After all, they:

  • harm the environment and harm human health;
  • Once in landfills, it takes several hundred years to decompose, but even after decay, their particles remain toxic.

The use of eco-bags instead of bags, on the contrary, gives many advantages to its owner, and in addition:

  • made from environmentally friendly materials will not harm health;
  • after the end of the operation in the process of natural decay, they not only do not harm the ecology of the country but also serve as organic fertilizer for the earth.

Environmental benefits

Eco-bags made of natural materials (cotton) decompose in landfills under the influence of sunlight and the environment in just a few years, decomposing into elements that are safe for people, animals, and plants. In the manufacture of eco-bags from synthetic materials, only those that are recyclable or disposed of much easier than polyethylene are used. Another advantage is that they can withstand more intensive and prolonged use than plastic bags, so they end up in landfills much less often. 

Other benefits

Other benefits of eco-bags include:

  • a huge selection of sizes and shapes;
  • resistance to sharp edges and corners;
  • increased strength;
  • affordable price;
  • universality;
  • ease of care;
  • preservation of the original appearance for a long period of time.

Why is an eco-bag better than a bag?

Eco bags help protect the environment from a huge amount of hazardous waste and save the lives of seagulls, turtles, fish, and other inhabitants of the aquatic world. On average, we take out 2-3 bags of food from the store at a time. Plus shopping at clothing stores and others. Let’s say the average family needs about 10 bags in just a week. That’s 40 packs per month. And this is 480 packages per year! 480 packages versus 1-2 eco-bags – there is something to think about. Using eco-bags, you can make at least a small, but significant contribution to the ecology of the planet, and become a member of the movement for a healthy lifestyle and a clean environment.

1. Economical

On average, a package in a store costs from 2 to 5 rubles. It would seem a trifle, but, as we have already said, in a year we accumulate so many packages that we then simply throw away. And the eco-bag is bought once and stays with us for a long time.

2. Fashionable

Unlike a faceless, boring, and simply ugly plastic bag, an eco-bag has its own personality. Of course, a cute handbag with a bright print instead of a bag from Dixie will please the eye. In addition, an eco-friendly lifestyle is on-trend – which we are very happy about. And that means you, the owner of a charming sea-green bag, too. 

3. All-encompassing

The fact is that eco-bags can be used not only for shopping. Each of them is already an independent wardrobe item. This one – the color of the bright sun – will go well with the new orange trousers, but this one – with a dream catcher – will successfully emphasize the boho style for today. In addition, fabric bags can be taken with you instead of ordinary bags, it is very convenient to go to the beach with them, and they are also non-standard gift packaging.

4. Attention-grabbing

The eco-bag definitely knows how to attract attention. So, defiling with her from the store to the house, you thereby promote a healthy and conscious lifestyle, and maybe a few passers-by rushing to meet you will think how nice it would be to get the same convenient assistant. 

5. Practical

So, cloth bags are just convenient. They fit a lot of stuff without a problem. In addition, the bag is very convenient to hang on the shoulder. Eco bags do not take up much space – just roll them up neatly and put them in your purse. And they can be washed – so they will always look neat and pleasing to the eye.

Eco bags are able to withstand a large number of products. Now you can not be afraid that the grocery bag will break at the most inopportune moment – this will simply never happen. This means that all our purchases, glass jars, and fruit juice packages will successfully reach the house safe and sound.


At GogoAds, our reusable eco-friendly bag is set to help the effort to cut down the production and distribution of plastic bags. Fewer bags mean lesser waste and that also means fewer chemicals released into the environment. More natural resources are spared and transport requirements are lessened. By using our eco-friendly bag, which is available in Johor Bahru, you can help to conserve our nature here in Johor Bahru and worldwide.

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