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Compressed Foam Board (Polystyrene)

We print on quality 5mm thick foam board with full colour 1440 dpi high resolution sticker or you may choose to use UV Direct Printing method. Custom sizes and cutting are available upon request. The versatility of this material is tremendous.
Polystyrene Foam board signs are very lightweight which makes it very easy to hang on a wall, on a ceiling or on a T-stand. You can also add stainless steel eyelets for easy hanging, additionally, you can add plastic framing for it to look great.

Compressed Foam Board (Polystyrene) Printing From GogoAds

Looking for compressed foam board printing services?

GogoAds offer many different types of custom compressed foam board printing. Compressed foam board prints are great for posters, trade show signs and other types of advertising. Compressed foam board printing is most used as an affordable way to print high gloss vibrant pictures like family portraits, school projects, or even artwork. Foam Core Posters are lightweight and rigid, and they have a foam center with a semi-gloss paper backing on both sides.

Compressed foam boards are very cost-effective, lightweight, and easy to print onto. Compressed foam board signs are more robust, more rigid products with a black siding gator board being another affordable alternative. High gloss finish options are available if specified on the particular options when placing the cart. Still, these custom compressed foam board posters are the preferred medium for many advertisers, and foam core signage is considered the most versatile option.

At GogoAds, we provide great quality compressed foam boards at affordable prices. We supply high-quality compressed foam boards in a wide variety of sizes and depths. Our compressed foam board is an anti UV foam-core board treated to resist yellowing. It’s light, durable and easy to handle.

Compressed Foam Board Event Displays

Compressed foam board prints are quite a good choice for event or exhibition displays since they’re so cost-effective. Get foam board printing with your logo and brand name to be showcased near your booth or table. Your brand will be the center of attention and you won’t pay a fortune for one-time usage.

Compressed Foam Board Promotional Signs

Promote your business indoors with printed compressed foam boards. Showcase your seasonal promotions and grab the attention of prospects with dazzling displays. You have the options to mount them on the wall, set them on stands or even hang them from the ceiling. This product is so easy to use!

Compressed Foam Board Informational Signs

Compressed foam board posters are effective tools for communicating information. Get compressed foam board sign printing with the needed text and simply place it in a highly-visible location. Include icons and other visual elements for even greater exposure.

Compressed Foam Board Presentation Signs

Need signage to make presentations? You’re at the right place. Compressed foam displays are weightless, meaning you’ll be able to carry them and place them anywhere. Try GogoAds to design your print with our sign templates or upload one of your own images to get the highest-quality compressed foam board printing.


What is a compressed foam board?

Compressed foam boards (polystyrene) are a pliable film and they come in rolls for easy transport. It is commonly used for the mounting of prints and photographs and as backing in picture frames. A supplier can assist with deciding the thickness of the plastic required for your specific processes.

Are foamed PVC sheets waterproof?

Yes, Foamed PVC sheets are waterproof and simple to cut. It can act as a stronger insulator than other materials.

Can you print directly on a compressed foam board?

Compressed foam board is simple to print and cut – compressed foam board is a fantastic printing and cutting medium. Because compressed foam boards are so light, they can be carried, exhibited, and stored with ease. Direct printing of photos and graphics on compressed foam board is possible.

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