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Digital Printing VS. Offset Printing

Digital Printing

Digital Inkjet printing takes the artwork on a computer, processes it into a print file, and applies the ink for the artwork directly to the surface of the substrate. Digital printing gives great flexibility when variable images/text are needed within a single print job. Digital printing allows a run of 100 prints, each one with a different message, to be processed all at once. This method is perfect for serving the print-on-demand, quick turnaround customer.

Offset Printing

Offset printing takes an image and breaks it down into separate color components, and each of those components gets its own plate loaded into the printer. This is great for large runs of a non-variable nature, like letterhead and brochures. “Digital offset printing” is a term sometimes used to describe offset presses that are more automated with respect to the set-up process, but still carry the same limitations as manual offset printing.

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