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Offset & Digital Printing

Large Format Printing

Quality Large Format Printing ServiceIf you are not aware of this word, you have probably seen demonstrations of this printing technique in everyday situations. Large-scale printing is used to manufacture posters, banners, and local supermarket board signage.Printed materials that are excessively large for most ordinary commercial printing presses are called large format printing. Large format printing, often described as "wide format printing," uses specialized manufacturing equipment that can manage print sizes that are bigger than usual.It pours ink onto...

Digital Printing VS. Offset Printing

Offset PrintingPlates, usually constructed of aluminum, are being used to imprint a design onto a latex sheet. These plates are then set rolling onto a sheet of paper in the offset printing process. As the ink is not deposited straight onto the paper, it's offset printing. Offset printing is the greatest choice for bigger volumes since offset printers run so effectively once they're installed, and it produces accurate color replication and sharp, clean, competent print.Offset printing divides a picture...

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