Box Up 3D Lettering

Made custom to your size requirements, we supply in all types of 3D Wording from Acrylic, Metal, Steel, Aluminium Composite Panel to PCV Foam Board, lighted and non-lighted. We bring your branding to life in loads of different ways, from a basic solution to very upmarket solutions

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Box Up - Backlit, Sidelit, Frontlit

Multi Colour LED Backlit

Stainless Steel Lettering

Stainless Steel Lighted

3D Logo Foam Board Wording

Acrylic Box Up 3D Lettering

Our dedicated staff or signage designers and signboard installation team in Johor Bahru have the industry knowledge and experiece to produce and install customised, durable outdoor and indoor signage.

Whether you need to start from scratch or you have an idea and want us to bring it to life, we are here to help deliver the right signboard solution for your location, expectations and budget.

Let’s build something together