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Banner Finishing Types

Quality Indoor and Outdoor Banner Printing

GogoAds provides high-quality banner printing services that allow you to drape, roll up, transport, or exhibit banners all year long. Our signs are built to last, providing you with dependability and excellent value.

Banners are among the most adaptable and famous advertising tools companies and consumers adopt. The finishing alternatives provide them flexibility, letting them be utilized with various display elements. If you’re thinking about getting a banner, decide how you want it to appear when it’s been printed. There are many innovative finishing options to choose from, and figuring out which one you want might be difficult if you don’t know what each one does. This guide will assist you in making a more knowledgeable decision about which one is best for you.



Hemmed edges are commonly used to support the edges of banners, allowing them to keep their design and avoid bending. Curl the banner’s ends over and stitch or heat-weld the sheet to finish it with hem. A twofold hem is by far the most practical finishing option for outdoor banners. Vinyl banners often have hemmed edges to strengthen the sides. This keeps the banner’s structure and keeps it from stretching.


Grommets (eyelets):

Metal grommets are usually put in the banner’s four edges, providing connection points for rope, twine, fastenings, bolts, hooks, or zip-ties. Grommets are usually inserted every 2-3 feet on bigger banners since they ought to distribute the banner weight evenly. Grommets are used frequently on larger banners to add extra hanging or mounting possibilities, which helps to keep the banner in line. Banners can be hung straight on the wall or suspended from the ceilings, rafters, terraces, or any other overhead structure. When grommets are installed in the four corners, and the banner is appropriately hung, the banner can be drawn stiff.


Grommets with Rope:

To display the banners, you can Thread the rope into the topmost layer of grommets and keep an adequate share of rope dangling from either end. Moreover, you can also thread another rope into the bottom layer of grommets and tie all ropes to the supporting poles or fastening points. This is the best way to hang the grommets since it evenly distributes the banner weight and minimizes the banner’s pressure.


Pole Pocket:

Pole pockets enable the insertion of poles into the banner sheet for display. Pole pockets can be added to the banner’s head or both the edges. The pocket is made out of your banner’s exact material, flipped over, and sewed shut with industrial quality thread.
Pole pockets make it easy to carry banners in rallies, marches, and any other occasion when you have to move your banner. If you do not need to take your banner everywhere yet still need to use pole pockets, try spreading banners from fences or poles. To attach the banner to various surfaces, including fences, rope or cable can be passed into the pockets. Customized pole banners that you can find on downtown streets and university campuses mostly have pole pockets.

GogoAds Banner Printing in Johor Bahru provides good quality custom PVC Vinyl Banner Printing in a wide range of sizes, materials, and finishing types.

Have specific questions about your custom banner printing and banner finishing or installation needs? Feel free to chat with us.

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