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Modular Booth VS. Custom Booth

modular booth design johor bahru exhibition contractor
Scheme Shell Modular Booth System Rental Johor
custom booth design johor bahru exhibition contractor

Looking for an exhibition booth? Custom or Modular Booth?

Exhibits and trade shows are ideal venues for promoting a company’s goods and services. Expos and exhibitions provide full backing in brand creation by providing a perfect platform for businesses to interact and communicate on a personal level.

Your exhibition booth or stand is one of the most important aspects of any function. Exhibitors worldwide are looking for captivating and appealing exhibition stands to let their business stand out. One of the most important considerations is choosing to go with a modular or customized display stand.

Both modular and customized display stands, like two faces of the single coin, have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. So, when you put your time and effort into finding an optimal solution, you must understand both sorts of stands.

How to choose an exhibition booth for your event?

When you decide on your exhibition stand, you should set a few conditions to help you plan. Let’s look at a few things to consider before deciding on a booth.

  • Your tradeshow stand’s budget?
  • What are your ideal booth dimensions, and how would you like it to be moved?
  • Do you need the exhibition to stand for a single festival or a series of events?
  • Do you want to include digitized equipment in your booth?
  • Are there any other design aspects you’d like to incorporate, such as illumination, colours, or extra equipment?

So be confident that once you have the above information, the rest of the planning process will be much easier. Depending on your company’s exact displaying requirements, you can now select your desired exhibition stand, either modular or customized.
At gogoAds we provide a complete exhibition boot solution that just meets your needs. Our experts provide top-quality service for both types of exhibition stands and booths. Here’s more in-depth information on each modular booth and custom booth options at gogoAds.

Custom Exhibition Stands

  • Completely tailored to your business requirements
  • Complete design to construction service
  • Built to high levels requirements
  • Complete project supervision from planning to designing


Why custom exhibition stands?

This approach enables you to express your brand image and identity in a unique way, which will eventually aid you in meeting your marketing goals.

Your concept and business become the focal point of the project, and then we will adhere to every requirement; the custom approach is truly one-of-a-kind for your brand image.

Custom exhibition booths by GogoAds go hand in hand with your requirements and brand image. Custom-built stands are generally used for one-time events, but they can also be made for re-use. This saves our clients money whether they exhibit for a long period or various exhibitions.

From big product announcements to local educational event booths, our custom exhibition stand booth can be used for a wide range of events.

Modular Booth Rental

  • Fully reusable and changeable
  • Perfect for one-offs and market analysis
  • Quick installation and dismantling
  • Minimum exhibition cost thanks to reusability

Why modular booth for exhibition?

A quick and cost-effective option is available for a one-time event with a limited budget. Our modular booth systems are developed to function together so that our customers can customize their shows.

Modular booth exhibition stands or Shell Scheme Booth Systems have the added benefit of being adjusted to fit different dimensions. The visuals are completely adjustable, allowing you to represent whatever updates you want new branding, advertising, or a new visual design.

Modular Booth display systems are designed to be reassembled, and they provide enhanced versatility and portability while also being an ecologically sound and carbon-neutral solution.

Your display is enclosed within a small storage container, which helps you save money on space. The use of lightweight construction materials of these structures will help save money on staffing and transportation.

We can take your next expo stand from average to outstanding with GogoAds. Our courteous staff can handle your inquiries, emails or set a face-to-face meeting for your next event.

Have specific questions about your exhibition booth needs? Feel free to chat with us.

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