High Resolution UV, Latex or Eco Solvent Wide Format Inkjet Printing


Inkjet Printing From GogoAds (Large or Wide Format Printing)

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GogoAds dedication makes it one of the best printing companies in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. GogoAds specializes in inkjet printing. GogoAds provides inkjet printing services in Johor Bahru, a rapidly developing city (JB). We are committed to providing the greatest level of quality in order to better serve each of our clients. From building signage and vehicle graphics to cut lettering and big scale digital printing, we cover it all. We pride ourselves on being able to provide exceptional large format printing services. Our constant investment in print machinery means that through our large format digital printing, we can produce high-quality prints and provide quick turnarounds.

Inkjet Printers come with Solvent Ink, Latex Ink and UV Ink.

We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor advertising print jobs and inkjet printing services in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, materials thickness and finishing options. We also offer Forex board printing, scratch card printing and UV printing services. You may upload your own artwork design or engage our in-house design service. Please browse our products and check out our options on your budget. Inkjet Printing Apply For:
  • Wall Mural Graphics
  • Window Graphics
  • Floor Graphics
  • Truck or Lorry and Vehicle Graphics
  • Flag and Fabric Graphics
  • Waterproof Poster Graphics
  • Clear Lightbox Graphics
  • Signboard Graphics
  • Rigid Board Graphics

Quality Flatbed Printing

Flatbed printer UV eco-friendly inks are ideal for printing directly onto rigid materials including PVC boards, foam boards, aluminum composite panels, polycarbonate corflutes, wood, glass and acrylic.

Large Format Prints & Materials.

Banners are a much more affordable option, they are normally used for advertising board, billboard, hoarding, event backdrop, roadside event advertising. You can choose between 5 thicknesses of PVC material (320gsm, 380gsm, 400gsm, 440gsm, 510gsm). They come with different finishing such as Hems & Grommets (eyelets), Ropes, Pockets for easy attachment. 

Vinyl Stickers can be custom designed with various logos and artwork. You have the option to choose from few finishes and materials. Custom vinyl stickers are in various printing options, you can go for the full colour range, spot colour printing and white colour backing for transparent or clear stickers.

Common Materials For Inkjet Printing Tarpaulin, Lightbox Tarpaulin, Blockout Tarpaulin, White Sticker, Clear Sticker, Blockout Sticker, Grey base Sticker, Synthetic Paper, Fabric, Frosted Sticker, One Way Vision Perforated Film, Synthetic Paper, Fabric, Fabric, Reflective Sticker, Mesh Sticker, Compressed Foam Board, KT Foam Board, PP Hollow Board. Premium Printing on Flat & Rigid Materials PVC Board, Foam Board, Corflute Board, Acrylic Sheet, Polycarbonate, Colorbond Zinc Sheet, Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP/ACM), High Impact, Cardboard, Chipboard, Metal, Tile, Wood & Glass. What is printing process in inkjet? When compared to laser printing, the inkjet printing process is far less demanding and technologically complex, but the printing itself is done extremely accurately according to digital instructions. To begin the inkjet printing process, digital signals must be delivered into the printer. What is a laser printer vs inkjet? When printing papers, an inkjet printer utilizes ink, whereas a laser printer uses a laser. Each printer's speed, functionalities, and picture quality are affected by the various printing processes. What is the difference between inkjet and digital printing? One of the most common digital printing methods is using traditional home inkjet printers. There is no need for manual setup with digital printing. It's particularly useful for smaller-scale production runs. For low-volume jobs, it is significantly more cost-effective than offset printing.