180gsm Brown Craft Paper Bag

Material: Brown Craft Paper 180gsm
Size Variations: 3
Print Options: 4C

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180gsm Brown Craft Paper Bag

GogoAds offers custom printed Paper Bags that come in a number of shapes, sizes and paper materials. Suitable as a shopping bag, gift bag and for other marketing purposes.

Subject to your brand positioning and application, we can help you design and materialize your very own Paper Bag for your brand, product and application.

Choose between Glossy Art Paper and Brown Craft Paper to reflect the image and quality of your brand and product.

Glossy Art Paper Bag, as the name implies, has a glossy finish that represents quality, class and elegance. While Brown Craft Paper Bag is made of brown craft paper which represents simplicity, humbleness and environment friendliness. Both options include a flat bottom for a bigger capacity and the ability to stand upright to properly display your brand.

Our paper bags are durable enough for multiple uses. Thus, when your paper bags are being reused, your brand will be promoted over and over again. Indirectly, you are also promoting environmental initiatives. It’s a win-win strategy, a perfect way to market your brand and product to the mass.

● It’s used as a shopping bag, gift bag or anything else you can think of.
● Maximize the advertising effectiveness of the bag.
● It reflects the image and quality of your brand.
● Support for the Environmental Initiates.

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PB01 (W140 x H210 x T65mm), PB05 (W200 x H290 x T95mm), PB12 (W250 x H350 x T100mm)


300, 500, 1000, Other Quantity (Please Remark)