200gsm Glossy Art Paper Bag

Material: Glossy Art Paper 200gsm
Size Variations: 10
Print Options: 4C

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200gsm Glossy Art Paper Bag

Custom printed paper bag comes in a number of shapes and sizes. Suitable as shopping bag, gift bag or other marketing purposes. Choose between Brown Craft Paper or Glossy Art Paper to reflect the image and quality of your brand and product.

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PB03 (W215 x H200 x T80mm), PB04 (W285 x H210 x T105mm), PB05 (W200 x H290 x T95mm), PB06 (W120 x H350 x T110mm), PB11 (W385 x H295 x T165mm), PB12 (W250 x H350 x T100mm), PB13 (W320 x H360 x T115mm), PB14 (W250 x H260 x T250mm), PB15 (W300 x H410 x T110mm), PB17 (W405 x H295 x T125mm)


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