Cut Out/Die Cut Sticker

Material: Glossy Colour Vinyl Sticker, Matte Colour
Vinyl Sticker, Reflective Vinyl Sticker
Application: Indoor, Outdoor

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Cut Out / Die Cut Sticker

Cut-out stickers are perfect for depicting information, message, or even brand awareness. Whether you want a vinyl sticker decal for your car, truck, lorry, window, wall, or door; GogoAds Die-cut Vinyl Stickers Johor Bahru can serve you best. Our vinyl die-cut stickers are made in a special way that makes them waterproof and scratch-resistant. This means you can glue them to any smooth surface, both indoors and out, and they will last for years.

We offer a variety of precise cut-out or die-cut vinyl stickers, including glossy, matte, and reflective coloured Vinyl Stickers. Furthermore, we supply and provide design services at a very economical price. It is worth noting that raw vinyl stickers are pre-coloured in production, for that they are primarily available in solid colours.

On the other hand, GogoAds Reflective Vinyl Stickers are frequently employed for outdoor application since they provide more visibility in the dark where light is limited, such as traffic signs, road signs, safety warning signs, and hazard signs alike.

Key features of GogoAds Cut out/Die-cut Sticker
· Vinyl sticker decal for cars, trucks, lorries, windows, walls, and doors
· Pre-coloured Vinyl Sticker available in glossy, matte, and reflective variations
· Precise cut out according to your desired design
· Perfect for outdoor and indoor application
· Curl resistant and weather resistant
· 6-24 months warranty against excessive fading

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Glossy Colour Vinyl Sticker, Matte Colour Vinyl Sticker, Reflective Vinyl Sticker


Indoor, Outdoor