Lightbox Film

Lamination: Gloss, Matte

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Lightbox Film/Backlit PVC Film

Pop your creative designs into our Backlit PVC Lightbox Film. This creative material is the perfect choice for displaying posters, images or artwork of any sort on walls that are backlit. It’s quick and easy to slot into a lightbox but creates a stunning effect that will be the difference in winning over new customers or conveying your message to the right people. With high-quality films featuring vibrant colours, clear backgrounds and our selection of fonts, this film is the breath of fresh air you need to really bring out your marketing messages.

Our high-quality poster material is backlit with high brightness LED lights reducing glare and producing vibrant colours to make any design really stand out. Someone easily stored Lightbox posters away in the box they arrive in. Transport them safely to your next event, then just take out the lightbox, slide your poster into it and plug it in! You can use clear double-sided tape around however much of the frame you like to attach firmly but carefully.

● Lightbox Film Posters are a revolutionary way of displaying your posters.
● Easy-to-use display for Lightbox posters.
● Promotional displays to be equally effective day and night.

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Gloss Laminate, Matte Laminate