Mask Keeper – Stay Safe

Material: Polypropylene(PP) 0.2mm
Size: 120 x 190mm
Print Options: 4C
Capacity (Face/Medical Mask): 1pc

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Mask Keeper – Stay Safe

The Mask Keeper is a single compartment cover that holds your face/medical mask when you need to take it off for a short period of time so that you can put it away for later use without exposing or in contact with any contamination. As medical specialists suggest, lowering your masks down to your neck area for temporary exposure of your mouth is not recommended as viruses on your neck may contaminate your mask. Therefore, you may get contamination when you put your mask back on.

Mask Keeper lets you keep your face/medical mask hygienically when you need to temporarily put it away for later use or disposal. Our Mask Keeper is made of Polypropylene(PP) which means it is waterproof. So, it can be washed, cleaned and disinfected between uses making it more hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Use our custom printed Mask Keepers to promote awareness on proper temporary mask storage, and also advertise your product and brand at the same time.

Let’s protect ourselves so we can protect our loved ones.

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