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Types of Banner Material

Top Choices for Outdoor Banner Materials

Your banner choice depends on how it will be displayed and the material that brings out the details of your design. Here are the best choices for outdoor banners:

  • Fabric banners showcase a high-resolution image on heavy-duty polyester fabric.
  • Mesh banners are the go-to for outdoor advertising during windy seasons or in windy areas.
  • Pole banners are usually displayed on a light or utility pole. Motorists and pedestrians alike can easily see your outdoor advertising during their commute.
  • Step and repeat banners serve as your event’s backdrop during photo opportunities. Print one logo repeatedly or have several of your sponsors’ logos as part of the background.
  • Custom Backdrops are excellent for tradeshow displays and events. Just like step and repeat banners, backdrops are best as backgrounds for photos. It can be printed as a Banner or with a stand.

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