Types of Banner Material

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Types of Banner Material

Choices For Outdoor Banner Materials

Banner Signs are a tried-and-true approach that has existed and worked for years. Banners are a fantastic method to entice new customers, whether you announce a discount at a department store or promote a new restaurant to potential diners.

Banners are a wonderful way to acknowledge a special event, such as a brand birthday, an upcoming expo, sporting event, or other achievements, aside from marketing and promotion.

It appears that selecting sign material type should be a simple task; however, when you get up to accomplish it, you will discover that it is not as simple as it appears. The following are among the most popular banner materials:

  • PCV Vinyl Banner
  • Polyester Fabric Banner
  • Mesh Vinyl Banner
  • Canvas
  • Pole Banner
  • Custom Backdrops


How do you choose the best type of material with so many options?

It all comes down to your banner or sign’s objectives and ideas. For that, you can ask yourself a few questions to better decide the material type of the banner:

· Is the sign intended to be displayed indoor or outdoor?
· Is there a difference in ink compatibility between various surfaces for distinct colors?
· Is the banner for short-term or long-term display?

Moreover, if you cannot decide which material suits your business objectives and ideas, you can get expert help for more thoughtful decisions. GogoAds banner printing guides you through the different material types for your next ad campaign. Also, we take care of everything from design to installing banners. We offer Banner Printing in Johor Bahru in various sizes, styles, and materials. Our banner materials include:

  • Vinyl Banner are perfect for those looking for a waterproof and weatherproof banner. Made from PVC vinyl, these banners can withstand harsh weather without fading the colors. In addition, we provide a 6-24 months warranty for excessive color fading and wearing off.

  • Fabric Banners provide competent signage with vivid, high-quality color and photographic grade printing. These polyester fabric banners are perfect for indoor application and are imprinted with a dye-sublimation method that produces bright image colours. Polyester banners are scratch-resistant due to their material composition.

  • Mesh Vinyl Banners, similar to vinyl, is water-resistant and fade-proof. The distinction is that this material contains small holes that let air circulate through, making it more flexible. Mesh vinyl does have a longer life expectancy than standard vinyl due to its mesh structure. Mesh vinyl also has the feature of being wind resistant.

    The air travels softly through the openings, preventing the banner from flying in the winds. As a result, if you are interested in hanging a yard banner, this material is ideal. If you’re looking for a long-term option that would last for years, mesh vinyl banners are a perfect choice.
  • Canvas Banners or Art Canvas are constructed of superior cotton duck canvas, a durable fabric that has long been deployed in industrial uses like industrial clothing and boat sails. With its wind-resistant qualities and beautiful appearance, the canvas is among the finest materials available. The Canvas banner has a good presentation because of its semi-gloss appearance, which often looks hand-painted. This gives every print the touch of sophistication. For those searching for a visually pleasing alternative, the interwoven pattern of the canvas gives a wonderful touch.

  • Pole Banners are typically hung on light poles or utility poles. While they travel, both drivers and passersby will be able to see your outdoor advertisements.

  • Step and Repeat Banners are huge photo backgrounds frequently seen at the red carpet and fashion exhibitions, including during press briefings, for event photography. They frequently have recurring designs imprinted on them, usually trademarks and symbols of the event’s organizer and sponsors.

  • Custom Backdrops are same as step and repeat the backdrops also a big picture that can be used as background for photos however the difference is that you can customize the backdrop with your desired design imprinting. Moreover, it also comes as a banner or with a stand. Excellent for tradeshow booth displays and events stage background.

GogoAds Banner Printing in Johor Bahru provides top quality, custom vinyl PVC Vinyl Banner Printing in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials.

If you want a perfect advertising solution for your upcoming event, get in touch with us today. We are a one-shop stop for your advertising campaign that takes care of everything from designing to installation.

Have specific questions about your custom banner printing needs? Feel free to chat with us.

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