What are vinyl stickers?

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vinyl sticker printing

What are vinyl stickers?

You can decorate the interior of your home or office, and place an advertising banner on a car using vinyl stickers. Products are easily applied to the surface and can have a different designs. Because of this, they are popular in decorating objects and decorating rooms. Let’s take a closer look at what the features of vinyl stickers are.

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Composition of vinyl stickers

Before placing an order for the production of vinyl stickers, it is important to understand what they are. Products consist of the following components:

1. Vinyl film – the basis of the sticker. It consists of polyvinyl chloride, which is created using modern casting or calendering technologies.

2. Adhesive base for attaching the sticker to the surface. To keep the product for a long time, manufacturers use a water-based acrylic mixture. This adhesive allows you to easily stick the sticker and effortlessly remove it without leaving marks.

3. Substrate, which protects the adhesive base from drying out. Made from paper with a small amount of silicone. So not a single layer of the substrate is in contact with the adhesive surface and the sticker can be easily detached from it for application to the surface. Coloring pigments play an important role! The effectiveness of the appearance of products depends on their quality. Black and white are considered more durable.

Scope of vinyl stickers

Printing products made of polyvinyl chloride are quite popular due to different areas of application. So vinyl stickers are often used:

As an element of interior design

Interior printing on vinyl films is in great demand because with their help it is easy to transform any room and add your own “zest”. You can use stickers to decorate walls in an office, home, industrial premises, or shopping centers. In this matter, the scope is limited by the imagination of the customer.

For car decoration or advertising

Many automobile owners like decorating their vehicles with stickers. Vinyl is more in demand in this matter because it makes it easy to remove the sticker without leaving a trace. In addition, stickers with an advertising image on a car become an additional tool for brand promotion.

For decorating electronic devices: laptops, smartphones

Small stickers with a vinyl base are great for decorating mobile phones, laptops, and computers. You can use them for personal purposes or to maintain the corporate style of the company in the workplaces of employees.

As a basis for window dressing

Vinyl films can be glued to glass without worrying that marks will remain on the surface after peeling off. So vinyl films are great for informing customers about discounts, promotions, and new products. After the end of the promotional offer, the sticker is easy to remove and place more relevant information in its place.

Is vinyl safe for wall stickers?

Vinyl (Vinyl) is a chemical term for a substance that has become popular among European and American wall art stickers in recent years. It is suitable for interior design and complies with the EPD environmental protection standard in its entirety. Vinyl is a PVC-based substance. It has the benefit of using non-toxic plasticizers and softeners. It’s flame retardant, wear-resistant, chemically resistant, and has a low gas moisture content. There are no phthalates or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in it. It overcomes the brittleness of typical soft PVC and complies with the EPD environmental protection regulations of the European Union. It’s a unique PVC. This substance is environmentally friendly, healthful, pure in color, waterproof, and non-fading, and wall art produced of it may adhere to the wall for years.

Vinyl stickers can be used for a variety of purposes. The practical advantages:

  • Versatile: suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • inexpensive sticker
  • lamination possible
  • Vinyl stickers can be safely stuck on different materials
  • Available in standard sizes: 10,000 square stickers measuring 50 by 50 millimeters.

The standard vinyl sticker can be finished with a protective layer. Thus, the sticker is protected from external influences and stays longer on its surface.

Which is the best – paper or vinyl stickers?

Whether you use paper or vinyl stickers relies entirely on your goals. Vinyl stickers are plainly more durable and tougher than paper stickers since they do not fade or become harmed by moisture or weather factors until they are exposed to excessive heat. Vinyl is your best choice if you require an all-weather, long-lasting sticker that will be used outside. They also allow for endless customization by allowing you to create different forms, photos, graphics, and sizes.

Paper stickers, on the other hand, are thin and often less expensive than vinyl, saving you money. Paper stickers should be your first choice if you need to make indoor bespoke stickers and labels for packing and boxes. In the end, your project will inform you which stickers to use.


Vinyl stickers are a cost-effective way of marketing your product. Whether you’re a large company or a mom-and-pop store, stickers can help you get your message across to your target customers. Unlike digital ads that constantly change, stickers tend to stay for a long time. When displayed, vinyl stickers serve as a personal recommendation or endorsement from your customers. In addition to increased brand exposure, stickers can also serve as standalone products that you can sell.

Ready to do some sticker marketing? At GogoAds, we’ll take care of your custom vinyl sticker printing needs as soon as you select and upload the sticker design. Find out which are the best options for your vinyl sticker needs.

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