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Photography & Video

GogoAds provides professional photography & video production services in Malaysia & Singapore. Our photograhers & videomen are trained to work in every situation, always providing top quality footage. We create photos & videos that engage, inform, persuade and entertain your viewers.
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Product Shots

We specialize in product photography in Johor Bahru and Singapore. We have the best Johor photographers & videographers. We are excited to offer in-house product photography for clients with a product inventory.

Having awesome images would increase conversion rate and help to boost your sales. We pride ourselves in the quality of our product and maintain all aspects of our image capture and post-production in-house.

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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Photography is a very specific genre, as it demands a passion and a deep understanding of the products: let’s remember that ice cream melts, caramel sticks, and fresh herbs witheredf.

We have worked with a wide range of different establishments who now have an unending confidence in our excellent service.

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Interior Photography

Photography of hotels, resorts, commercial and residential. Our clients include architecture firms, developers, interior design firms, marketing agencies, retails, apartment leasing and management offices, hospitals and interior decorators.

Apart from offering the best photography service to our clients, we also have a flexible pricing system that will suit everyone.

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Event Photographer

Our breadth and depth of experience as corporate, convention and event photographers has allowed us to provide custom solutions for Event Organisers, Event Planners, PR & Marketing Professionals.

Whether for your annual conference, holiday party or a private event, our experienced team is ready!

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Event Video Service

A well designed professional video really makes a difference in effectively telling the story of your event.

Whether it’s a wedding, conference, a trade show, a company gathering or any other type of event that needs video, we offer professional production and corporate event video services for our clients.

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Marketing Video

With the abundance of new media, we understand the importance of video coverage for archival, marketing and promotional purposes.

When working with clients on video projects, we make sure that everything runs smoothly from conception to final delivery.

They both involve creating visual images, but the process and final product are quite different. Here are three key ways to tell them apart:

  1. Photography is all about capturing a real-world subject, while graphic design is more focused on creating an image from scratch.
  2. Photography relies heavily on natural lighting and composition, while graphic design relies more on manipulating colors and shapes.
  3. Photography is a more passive process, while graphic design is more active and hands-on.

The 5 most common photography mistakes are:

  1. Shooting in dark conditions.
  2. Not using a tripod.
  3. Using the wrong lens.
  4. Shooting with a camera that is not appropriate for the subject.
  5. Not paying attention to the lighting conditions.

Photography is a beautiful form of art, but there are some things that should be avoided in order to produce a better image.  There are a few things that can ruin a good photograph, including poor lighting, bad composition, and bad object choice.

  1. A. Poor lighting .
  2. Inconsistent light.
  3. Too much light.
  4. Bad composition.
  5. The wrong object.

No matter how big or small your project might be, we would enjoy talking it through - but we would absolutely love to make it happen.