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Pole Banners & Banner Poles Maker

GogoAds offers custom build, printing and installation for Pole Banners and Banner Poles of varying sizes. There is nothing like a stretch of Pole Banners to announce your brand and business presence.

Pole Banners are a fantastic deal for any brand advertising. You can establish a year-round poster campaign for your city, town, institution, or event to add some zest. Vehicles are drawn to street pole banners, which help to convey a sense of cohesion to pedestrian retail districts or communities. We at GogoAds offer pole banner services for any event advertisement you need.

Our pole banner signs are constructed of commercial-grade vinyl imprinted on both sides and have pole hemlines at the top and bottom. We secure the base of the flag to offer the least amount of flapping. Contact us today for pole banner advertising of your event.

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Our dedicated signboard & installation team in Johor Bahru has the industry knowledge and experience to produce and install customised, durable outdoor and indoor signage.

Whether you need to start from scratch or you have an idea and want us to bring it to life, we are here to help deliver the right signboard solution for your location, expectations and budget.

GogoAds warrants signboard & signage fabricated and installed by us against excessive fading, breaking welds on metal structures and supports. 12-24 Months Warranty* 

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