Horizontal Pop Up A Frame Banner

Material: Tension Fabric, Steel Spring
Size: S- W65 x H100cm, M- W80 x H120cm,
L- W100 x H170cm
Accessories: Oxford Cloth Carrying Case +
Ground Pegs(Outdoor)

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Horizontal Pop Up A Frame Banner

Horizontal Pop-up A Frame Banners are widely used in sporting events. They serve as dividers between court or course and spectators whilst, advertising brands of sponsors.

Unlike other rigid A frame banners, Horizontal Pop-up A Frame Banner will give in to collision impact due to its soft, light and flexible construct. Hence, it is not hazardous to bodily impact. After which, all you need to do is just pull it back to shape and resecure its Velcro straps and ground pegs.

A cost-efficient marketing tool, GogoAds Horizontal Pop-up A Frame Banner is so durable it can be used over and over again. When all is done, Horizontal Pop-up A Frame Banner can be flattened, folded and stored away in a small confined space. This makes it very popular among sponsors as they get their brands displayed repeatedly.

At GogoAds, we provide a superior quality Horizontal Pop-up A Frame Banner that gets the attention of more audiences. Made mostly from waterproof tension fabric, it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is so compact and easy to set up, you can travel with it almost anywhere. Set up is so easy it’d almost set up by itself. Just slightly unfold it, the steel spring frame will pop the banner into shape; stand it up, secure the Velcro straps and it is done. Putting it away is as easy too; undo the straps and with a few simple folding actions; in seconds, you can put it back into its carrying case. No wonder it is popular and a common advertising prop in car showrooms, exhibitions, trade shows, expos and alike.

Key features of GogoAds Horizontal Pop-up A Frame Banner
• Horizontal oriented pop-up A frame banner
• Waterproof tension fabric face with steel spring frame
• Comes in three sizes that are S- W120 x H70cm, M- W150 x H75cm, L- W200 x H100cm
• Pop-up A Frame Banner is soft, flexible, lightweight and durable
• Package includes an Oxford cloth carrying case and ground pegs (for outdoor)
• Easy to set up and take down in a few simple steps
• Get complimentary discount on bulk purchases up to 8% off

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H-S- W120 x H70cm, H-M- W150 x H75cm, H-L- W200 x H100cm


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