Wind Flag Base

Bases for our range of Wind Flags
Indoor Use: Cross Base + Water Bag
Outdoor Use: Spike Base, Water Tank

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Wind Flag Base

There are a few options of wind flag base available for GogoAds Wind Flag range, each designed to support the different needs and budgets. It is important to choose the correct base for your flag to ensure you maximise the advertising potential. If your flag has fallen over or even torn, passers-by will not be able to see your message about your brand, products or services.


Cross Base + Water Bag (10kg)

For indoor and outdoor use, the cross base can be used with GogoAds Wind Flags that you may move from one location to another such as exhibitions and events in varying places. The easy assemble-disassemble design makes it quick and easy for relocation.

Different locations may pose certain setup issues such as uneven floor and wind conditions. To overcome this, you may add additional weight to the cross base of your wind flag for extra stability. With a cross base – water bag, you can add 10kgs to your wind flag cross base when it is filled up.


Spike Base (Ground Peg)

Designed for outdoor event use such as festivals and trade shows, ground spikes or pegs allow you to firmly secure your GogoAds Wind Flag into the ground without the need for a heavy base. This makes transporting and setup much easier. Another feature of the ground spike (peg) is that it has a spinner that enables your Wind Flag to flow with the direction of the blowing wind, therefore, prolongs the life of your Wind Flag as it does not have to resist the strength of the wind. Also, It will create more attraction to your Wind Flag as it moves around more.


Water Tank (12kg)

Made of a heat-treated Nylon and Plastic Composite, the 12kg moulded Water Base with a detachable spindle provides all-year-round durability. With an easy to use bung that keeps the base completely watertight, a 12kg base is going to give you peace of mind in almost every weather condition where you set up your GogoAds Wind Flag.

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Base Type

Cross Base + Water Bag (10kg), Spike Base (Ground Peg), Water Tank (12kg)


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