Compressed Foam Board Printing

Print Options: High Res. White Sticker + Matte Laminate,
UV Direct Print
Cutting: Cut Fit, Die Cut

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Compressed Foam Board Printing

Compressed Foam Board is the industry’s easiest-to-use art support for presentations, sign making, convention displays, temporary signage, exhibitions, graphics and POP. The Compressed Foam Board is an ideal choice for mounting virtually any artwork and photograph.

Compressed Foam Board or Foamcore, is a sheet of compressed polystyrene foam clad with a layer of coated paper on both sides. Lightweight and rigid, the sheet of foam board can be cut with a craft knife or scissors, and can easily be drilled and nailed. It’s great for framing posters, photographers’ proofs and transparencies, and even 3D work — it doesn’t bend or bow — and is easy to transport.

Foam Board Printing is an efficient way to generate short-term advertising and other signage that is easily seen by the public. It has a wide range of uses in the office, home and office as well as making fantastic DIY crafting projects.

● Indoor advertisements and special exhibitions.
● Craft something amazing for you.
● Risk-free
● Easy to carry.

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Print Type

High Res. White Sticker + Matte Laminate, UV Direct Print


Cut Fit, Die Cut