Frosted Sticker

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Frosted Sticker

At offices and workstations, where privacy or blur is required for transparent glass walls, windows, doors, and dividers alike, one can choose to apply Frosted Sticker to attain privacy. It is an economical and attractive solution that does not block out light between both sides of the divider.

GogoAds Frosted Stickers are radiant materials that not only offer complete privacy while still allowing light to pass through, it is also a convenient method as they can be stripped off when privacy is no longer relevant. Or perhaps, a change of the Frosted Sticker’s design could bring a breath of fresh air to the office.

In need to uplift your showroom, outlet and office atmosphere? Try putting up colourful graphics and motivating messages with our Frosted Sticker. You will be amazed at how effective these little touches will bring to your premise.

Whether it is privacy, décor or motivation, GogoAds, can help you achieve your desires with high-resolution colour printed, cut fit or die-cut Frosted Stickers.

Key features of GogoAds Frosted Sticker printing services
· Provide privacy without blocking out light
· Economical, attractive and convenient privacy solution
· Can be stripped off without damaging the surface
· Perfect for adding privacy, décor and motivation to showroom, outlet and office.
· High-resolution colour printed, cut fit or die-cut frosted stickers
· 6-24 months warranty against excessive fading

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1C, 4C, 4C + White


Cut Fit, Die Cut