Clear/Transparent Sticker

Material: Clear Sticker, Ultra Clear Sticker
Print Options: 4C, 4C + White + 4C
Lamination: No, Gloss, Matte
Cutting: Cut Fit, Die Cut

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Clear/Transparent Sticker

Are you looking for a way to make your ordinary-looking glass doors and windows in the office more attractive and appealing? Or do you want to deliver an impactful brand message to your customers? At GogoAds, we offer custom printed Clear or Transparent Stickers for your needs and wants that depict a perfect image of your brand and message.

GogoAds Clear or Transparent Stickers are suitable for transparent or translucent surfaces. As the name suggests, the material is a transparent substrate with a transparent adhesive layer. They enable the printed graphics to be seen from both sides of the transparent surface.

Our custom printed Clear or Transparent Stickers are widely used on shop front glass windows as advertisements of brands and businesses. They are also used on office glass partitions or walls, making them more colourful, vibrant and interesting than before.

Key features of GogoAds Clear Sticker printing services
· Available in Clear and Ultra Clear substrate
· Suitable for indoor and outdoor application
· High-resolution printing
· Lamination option for added physical and scratch damage protection
· 6-24 months warranty against excessive fading

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Clear Sticker, Ultra Clear Sticker

Colour Print

4C, 4C + White + 4C


No, Gloss Laminate, Matte Laminate


Cut Fit, Die Cut