Vehicle Advertising – Lorry Wrap Truck Sticker

Size (Box Truck): 10′, 12′, 13′, 14′, 17′, 20′
Coverage: Full Wrap (exclude Roof), Partial Wrap
Material: 3M/Avery UV Print Sticker, Quality UV Print
Sticker, Solvent (Gloss/Matte Laminate)

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Vehicle Advertising – Lorry Sticker & Truck Wrap Printing & Installation

Every day thousands of people are being heavily marketed to, on the road. Why not take advantage of this opportunity? Vehicle Advertising Wraps are very cost-effective advertising solutions.

We professionally applied our Truck Vinyl Sticker advertising wraps to your vehicle at our state-of-the-art specialist wrapping facility. We create eye-catching images for maximum exposure, with professional design images created by professionals, you are guaranteed to impact the road. Our vinyl is heat-resistant, water-resistant and chemical resistant. Which ensures that your vehicle will look great in all conditions.

You will get your message across to thousands of potential customers daily. These Lorry Vinyl Stickers can go on any clean, smooth surface of your vehicle. If you want the flexibility to change your advertisement depending on what season it is or what product or service you are promoting, then this is for you.

● Allow you to transform your vehicle into a vibrant outdoor billboard.
● It will be viewed by many people on the roadside.
● A fantastic way to efficiently and cost-effectively reach your immediate and surrounding target markets.

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10' Box Truck, 12' Box Truck, 13' Box Truck, 14' Box Truck, 17' Box Truck, 20' Box Truck


Full Wrap (exclude Roof), Partial Wrap


3M/Avery UV Print Sticker, Quality UV Print Sticker, Solvent (Gloss/Matte Laminate)