Floor Sticker (Safe Distance Awareness)

Print Options: Latex + Matte Laminate, UV
Cutting: Cut Fit, Die Cut

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Floor Sticker (Safe Distance Awareness)

Floor Sticker is a unique advertising medium that takes advantage of a vastly available area, the floor and makes it informative and attractive; without the downside of any footprint.

At GogoAds, we offer high-grade, high-resolution and matte laminated colour printed Floor Stickers that withstand weather and mild stepping.

GogoAds Floor Sticker is an affordable alternative when display standee such as mobile board, free-standing banner and wind flag is not a viable option.

You can also use GogoAds Floor Stickers as directional signs to show your customers and prospects the direction to your store, outlet or event venue.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have to ensure that their visitors and customers follow Stand Of Procedure of Public Health and Safety Protocol such as Safe Distancing. GogoAds Floor Sticker can help you to remind your visitors and customers to keep the required safe distance between each other by providing spots to stand and showing them where to line up to maintain the right order.

Key features of GogoAds Floor Sticker
· High-grade, high-resolution and matte laminated colour printed Floor Sticker
· Affordable alternative to display standee, mobile board, free-standing banner and wind flag.
· Suitable as brand advertisement, directional sign and public health and safety signs (Safe Distancing)
· Resistant to weather and mild stepping
· 6-24 months warranty against excessive fading

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Latex + Matte Laminate, UV


Cut Fit, Die Cut