Lorry advertising vs. Traditional Billboards: Which one is Right for you?

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Lorry advertising vs. Traditional Billboards

Lorry advertising vs. Traditional Billboards: Which one is Right for you?

Choosing the best platform for promoting your message is of the utmost importance when developing an effective advertising strategy. There is an abundance of opportunities for outdoor marketing.  Whether you’re looking to advertise on traditional billboards or choose lorry advertising, it’s essential to remember that every medium has advantages and disadvantages. Using a variety of platforms may be the best strategy, but it can get costly and confusing for your target audience if you use it excessively. In this post, we’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of lorry advertising vs. traditional billboards so that you can decide which is right for your business. 

Lorry advertising

The best way to display your business uniquely is through lorry advertising, but what exactly is that? A lorry advertising is an advertisement mounted on the lorry and driven around town to display your advertisement to passing motorists, people on foot, and building residents. You can leave the truck somewhere highly prominent, like a busy plaza. Lorry advertising, truck advertising, and mobile billboards are various terms that refer to the same thing.

Lorry advertising has remarkably influenced the brand’s recognition and visibility compared to other outdoor marketing techniques. This is because Lorry advertising is shown at many places every day.


Reach the audience

When thinking about promoting a brand, the most important thing to consider is how to reach most of the audience. Lorry advertising, however, is a highly effective method of ensuring your company remains in customers’ minds. Lorry advertising has a distinct advantage over traditional billboards since it may go to different areas and attract the attention of people there. In addition, people are more likely to remember information from these advertisements because of how they are designed, so they are frequently examined closely and captured on camera.


when we consider lorry advertising vs. traditional billboards, advertisements on lorries are much more cost-effective than billboards; hence they are sometimes referred to as outdoor economic advertisements. Because of this, a lot of small and medium-sized companies use lorry advertisements as their primary means of audience reach.

Value for money

Advertising aims to get people to notice and engage with your brand.  Static billboards, whose number of impressions and turnover rate gradually decrease over time, recent studies have shown that lorry advertising helps you get a higher return on investment. However, because your lorry ad will be traveling from place to place, you are confident that it will generate a significant return on investment, many impressions, and a considerable number of sales.   

Target audience

Brand awareness is, of course, the primary goal of lorry advertising. But since you can delete mobile or social media ads, they’re easy to forget. When it comes to Lorry advertisements, though, you can’t just ignore them. This is because we can target nearby locations (the best ones for your company) with the right campaign to get the target audience’s attention.


There are some drawbacks of lorry advertising.

The most apparent problem with lorry advertising is that it may divert drivers’ attention from the road. In addition, the presence of a giant, bright billboard in front of a moving vehicle increases the risk of an accident, especially if the billboard truck is equipped with a digital display on its side. 

Lorry advertising is not environmentally friendly, another drawback of this form of advertising. If lorry advertising doesn’t take action on environmental issues, such as reducing pollution and traffic, this method can harm the environment.

Traditional billboards



At the proper location, billboards’ towering visuals can be seen from great distances. When interstates were built, traditional billboards became more popular. They give the drivers a visual break from the sky, especially on long highways or country roads.

Billboards are placed in high-traffic areas where people will see them as they drive, walk, or ride by. That’s excellent news since it indicates that potential customers are coming to you rather than you having to go after them.

Easily portable

Traditional billboards have been around long because they are simple to set up and use. There is no need to worry about mechanical failure, burned-out LEDs, or power outages (all of which can impact digital billboards). It simply takes a few hours to paste an ad on the board, and as long as there isn’t any powerful wind, it will stay there until the end of the campaign. So for long-term advertisements, traditional billboards are the best option.



The expense is high because you have to pay to rent the billboard space, and the billboards are so large that they can be seen from miles away and overshadow nearby homes.

High rents

One reason billboards are so pricey is that customers typically have to rent the space in 30-day increments. And sometimes in more than one place at once. Small companies and charities usually cannot afford this.


Because billboards are typically placed above high, creating a complete experience for them might be difficult. To be effective from a distance, billboards use streamlined designs and fonts that are easy to read. However, despite their many advantages, they often fall short compared to lorry advertisements.

Last words

Finding a way to connect with those you want to reach might be one of the most challenging aspects of any advertising campaign. Because there are so many media outlets, you must understand which would be most effective for your campaign. So lorry advertising vs. traditional billboards, which one is right for you? The perfect answer is specific campaigns are more suited to be run as traditional billboard ads. In contrast, others are better suited to run as lorry advertising or a combination. So, it is up to companies to decide which one suits them. We sincerely hope that this article was of assistance to you in selecting the outdoor advertising media that will serve your upcoming campaign most effectively. Check back with us soon, as we plan to produce other comparative articles soon. Whatever mode of advertising (lorry advertising vs. traditional billboards) you choose, Gogoads is always there to help you in your journey.

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