10 Outdoor digital signage mistakes hurting your business and how to fix them

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Outdoor digital signage mistakes

10 Outdoor digital signage mistakes hurting your business and how to fix them

Digital signage is an excellent tool for your store’s advertising efforts. The store’s environment can be more engaging than ever with the help of eye-catching graphics and displays.

Digital signage can be a game-changer for businesses, but it’s easy to get swept away in the excitement and make mistakes that could turn your signs from helpful additions to major customer turnoffs. Managing your company’s digital signage properly and avoiding outdoor digital signage mistakes is essential if you want to enjoy the benefits of flexible, efficient, and engaging displays.

How outdoor digital signage mistakes hurt your business

Using digital signage may boost brand recognition, sales, and customer loyalty while setting your company apart. When not used properly, digital signage is just a screen full of boring text no one reads.

Without a clear goal in mind, your brand awareness ads will be a waste of money with no measurable outcomes to show for it.

You need an organized plan for executing your digital signage if you want them to be effective. You should also be familiar with the common outdoor digital signage mistakes companies make.

10 outdoor digital signage mistakes

Here we discuss the typical outdoor digital signage mistakes and how to fix them.

  1. Poor signage location
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You don’t want your message to go over the heads of your target audience. To avoid losing clients, make sure the display is at a comfortable eye level for all viewers. When you simplify things for your customers, their involvement with digital media increases.

Fewer people will notice your ads on digital screens if you put them at sports stadiums or other low-traffic regions. Because of this, your digital signage will fail to produce the desired results.

Lobbies, corridors, entry and exit ways, and other areas with significant pedestrian or vehicle traffic are ideal for your screen, indoors or out. This will help you reach more people than if you only displayed the screen in a room where no one would see it.

Set the minimum and maximum viewing distances for your content. Estimate how many people you think will go through that area.

  1. Incorrect viewing angle
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Mounting the screen at an incorrect angle is another typical blunder in digital signage installations. Your digital sign’s visibility will be affected by both the location you choose and the viewing angle you select.

Digital outdoor signage is dangerous if mounted at the wrong angle. The reflecting angle of the sun, screen size, and the viewing comfort of your audience are the most important considerations when using signage for outdoor display.

LCD monitors are preferable to LED displays because of their wider viewing angles. LCD screens provide greater viewing angles and more uniformly lighted pixels.

 It would be best to remember that your visitors may be of different heights. Find the best viewing angle that will accommodate your customers.

  1. Overloaded content

Digital signage gives you a new way to promote a great sale or a new product, but you must tone it down. After all, the human eye has a limited capacity for processing visual data. If too much information is on the screen, clients will get confused and give up trying to find what they need.

If you have much information to show your consumers, you might want to use a bigger screen or several smaller ones. In digital displays, clarity, and briefness, are powerful.

  1. Mounting too high

Screens must be simple to see, or people won’t give them more than a glance. Mounting them too high is a common outdoor digital signage mistake. Mounting your screen at the right height will keep it free of obstructions and make it less likely to be damaged by attackers. Pay special attention to the positioning of your digital signage if it includes interactive media like touchscreens.

  1. Inappropriate screen

Choosing the incorrect screen size is another frequent outdoor digital signage mistake.

Size matters if you want your digital sign to benefit your company. Choosing an appropriate screen size that allows people to read your signs is essential in ensuring your message is seen and understood.

  1. Non-optimizing digital software

Non-optimizing digital signage software is a widespread outdoor digital signage mistake. Many companies treat their digital signage software like a billboard.

Digital signage is no longer utilized only for information uploads. Digital signage software today has several capabilities to help brands grow.

Don’t only show static material on your digital signage. Use digital signage’s video, live TV, animations, graphics, charts, and social networking elements.

  1. Screen brightness mistakes
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Digital signage screen brightness is equally essential. You don’t want your digital sign to burn your audience’s eyes or be too dim for them to read.

Controlling outdoor digital signage brightness is difficult. Screens should be brighter than their surroundings to be seen clearly. Lowering the screen brightness will make the content hard to read.

  1. Cheap software

Software is crucial for outdoor displays. Digital signage is pointless if the software fails to perform. Again, not upgrading and optimizing your CMS is an outdoor digital signage mistake. Use an easy-to-use CMS for the most incredible experience.

 Automate and make films, animations, etc., using the best software. Make sure your software supports your files.

  1. Not evaluating performance

Another outdoor digital signage mistake is not evaluating the performance. You need a method to track your return on investment in marketing and advertising, just like any other form of promotion. Think about the various metrics you could use to evaluate your progress. If you want to improve your success rate, tracking your results will show you if you need to alter your approach.

  1. Not maintaining the signage.

It’s a huge outdoor digital signage mistake to neglect routine hardware maintenance and software updates. If you want to keep utilizing your digital displays and input devices, you’ll need to keep them clean and in working order. Like a personal computer, digital signage requires hardware and software updates. Although the basic components of digital signage may not need to be replaced frequently, they should be cleaned and inspected frequently.


Outdoor digital signage mistakes are routinely ignored. Your digital signage system will be harmed over time by these factors. Avoid these blunders when installing digital signage in your business. This will optimize your digital signage system.GogoAds is a leading advertising company; you can contact us for digital signage solutions.

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