Top 7 digital signage companies in Malaysia

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top digital signage companies

Top 7 digital signage companies in Malaysia

Products and services related to digital signage are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The possible uses of this innovative technology generate excitement among business owners in various fields, including marketing and transportation.

Digital signage is more than just putting images and phrases on a big screen and hoping for the best. If you want your digital sign to succeed, you must fully use all its aspects. With the proper digital signage, promoting services or showing information like special discounts for advertising reasons or other relevant messages to improve your brand’s image is easy.

It seems like digital signage has a lot of benefits. However, how much digital signage costs may keep you from moving forward. The main elements of digital signage solutions—hardware, software, and licensing—will affect the total average cost of digital signage. 

However, the greatest digital signage software is essential to make the most of this innovative technology since it will allow you to manage several displays remotely. And it’s no easy task identifying the top digital signage companies in Malaysia. 

We have listed Malaysia’s top 7 digital signage companies for your convenience.


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GogoAds has one of the most dependable and eye-catching digital billboards in Johor, Malaysia. It is one of the top 7 digital signage companies in Malaysia. They are a leading provider of LED advertising display boards, having been established by a group of professionals with extensive backgrounds in the advertising, exhibition, and signboard industries. 

They offer the most innovative and dependable LED advertising display solutions, motivated by a desire to see you succeed in your marketing and branding efforts.

They’ve established a vast selection of items, such as indoor and outdoor LED advertising boards like Indoor LED Screen displays, Outdoor LED Screen Displays, LED walls, retail and residential interior cabinets and displays, 3D signboards, and lightboxes and provide laser cutting service. They supply quality portable exhibition booths, pop-up backdrops, and roll-up banners to event organizers, exhibitors and companies. They offer affordable design services, quality inkjet printing and offset printing in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Singapore.

If you’re looking for unique ways to promote your business, we think you’ll love what they offer.

Key features

• GogoAds prioritizes inexpensive, high-quality production. 

• They provide high-quality work at low rates. 

• Offering corporate-level service, they will support your firm with any assignment, analyze any necessity, and thoroughly explain the options.

• They guarantee premium sticker materials, stands, and signage


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Blupepper cannot be overlooked when discussing digital signage companies in Malaysia. Blupepper provides quick and dependable cloud-based digital signage solutions to retail, hospitality, F&B, automotive, and other industries. Their programme works with any commercial or regular TV brand.

Further, the team at Blupepper comprises talented professionals able to serve clients. Blupepper has enabled business owners to manage their whole digital signage screens, from a single menu board to a broad commercial ad campaign.

Blupepper is the only cloud infrastructure provider in Selangor, Malaysia, with a 99.5% server uptime guarantee and secure connectivity.

The software is suitable for screens of varying sizes. It boasts a user-friendly interface that facilitates speedy and efficient usage. The cloud infrastructure is designed to ensure privacy and security. Additionally, the software guarantees a server uptime of 99.5%.

Image Media

Image Media, a northern Malaysian advertising corporation that dominates traditional and digital billboard advertising, can boost sales.

They place their LED screens in high-traffic places. Their massive digital billboard in Auto-City is visible from all sides of the T junction and draws high traffic even during weekdays.

It is one of Malaysia’s top digital signage companies, generates custom designs for partners, and offers unlimited design revisions for advertisements.


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Since 2012, Israk, a digital signage company in Malaysia, has been providing its clients with good-quality products.

 You should consult them if you want your project to succeed without breaking the bank. It’s a reliable firm offering excellent digital signage services in Malaysia. It has also become one of the most trusted digital signage companies in Malaysia, which make it popular with both public and private sector clients. You can take advantage of the different services of this firm to improve the possibility of connecting with the audience, including digital signs, video walls, touchscreen stands, and interactive smartboards.


Treazpass  Advertising is a signage company in Johor Bahru that assists businesses with signage design, manufacturing, and installation at low prices. 

Treazpass Advertising is a printing and advertising firm in Malaysia focusing on Johor signboard design and creation.

Established in 2009, treazpass has served local businesses in Malaysia and Singapore.

Signboard, Signage, licence Bunting & Banner, Vehicle Wrap, and other highly customizable printing services are all available at treazpass.

Treazpass has various advertising channels that can help a company build its brand and, in turn, achieve its growth objectives. Since they produce their products in their own Mount Austin-based factory, they can sell them to you at low wholesale costs because there is no broker.


DOREMi is one of the best digital signage companies in Malaysia that provides low-cost digital options for digital billboards, digital movies, and other digital content. They focus on providing event organizers with high-quality audiovisual and lighting services.

Their affordable prices and high-quality services have earned them a solid reputation. They have various digital products, from giant screens for businesses to dynamic digital billboards. Any inquiries concerning their offerings will be expertly handled by their sales staff. If you contact them, they will promptly provide you with a price estimate that meets your specific needs.


Votigo is a leading provider of video wall solutions and custom digital signage experiences for various businesses and institutions, including shops, offices, schools, and factories. They assume that consumers will pay more attention to digital content than ever and that information will be shared among users in real-time. Votigo will ensure a smooth shift to your new technology and timely, helpful after-sales service, enabling you to put your energy where it’s needed most.

End note

You don’t have to look any further for digital signage in Malaysia. We’ve compiled a list of the most reputable firms in digital signage; these companies provide various products and services. With these seven finest digital signage companies in Malaysia, you can get started on an interactive marketing campaign no matter the size of your business or organization’s budget.

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