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5 Reasons To Wrap Your Vehicle Instead Of Painting It

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vehicle wraps

If you’re currently thinking about changing the color of your car and are new to foiling and vehicle wrapping, here’s why foiling is a better option than painting. vehicle stickering has been around for a few years now, but this technique is still largely unknown in South Tyrol. So what is behind it and why is it worth it?

When wrapping, a self-adhesive film is applied either to the entire vehicle surface or only to part of the vehicle (partial wrapping). Foils are available in all color nuances and structures: Which means that all your wishes can be implemented. Visually, a film can also hardly be distinguished from a paint finish.

You can find out why you should have your car wrapped in foil right here:

1. Individual look

When you buy a new car, you are usually limited to a limited number of paint colors, namely the colors that every other customer can choose. With vehicle wrapping, on the other hand, the possibilities are unlimited: There are glossy, matt, color-changing, or glittering colored foils, structured foils, carbon foils, and much more. This gives you the opportunity to choose your own individual color and/or structure for your car. You can also combine several colors by e.g. B. deciding on a partial foil.

2. Paint protection

Foil not only looks like paint, but it can do much more: namely protect your car from damage to the paintwork. Damage to the paintwork can occur very easily, but as a vehicle owner, you are often powerless to prevent it. Stone chipping, hail, sun, and many other environmental influences can damage the expensive paintwork very quickly. Therefore, even with brand new cars, it is often advisable to additionally wrap the car. So you not only have the advantage of your own individual color and structure, but you can also be sure that the investment you made when buying the car will be better preserved and you can possibly resell your car later at a better price.

3. The capacity to make quick modifications to the car’s look.

Vehicle wrapping with vinyl film allows you to stand out from the so-called “gray mass”. To paste over the hood, it will take time in the region of two hours, two days are already needed for a complete pasting of the vehicle. In this way, you can emphasize your individuality, everyone can pick up something to their liking. For young girls, all kinds of butterflies and flowers are used, for men, tattoos are great, as well as strict tribals.

4. Removable without residue

In contrast to traditional paintwork, a film can be completely removed again if necessary – and without leaving any residue! This allows you to experiment with new, even bolder, colors without taking any risks. If you no longer like the color in a few years, you can opt for a new color at any time. So you can let your creativity and imagination run wild without having to worry that you won’t be able to resell your car later.

5. Easy to care for

How many hours have you spent in your life washing your car, polishing it, and waxing the paint so that it always has a nice shine? With a film, everything becomes much easier: all you need is a little soap and water, and your car will soon be looking great again. Simply wash, get in and enjoy: the film will not only look great, but it will also protect the underlying paintwork from the sun and scratches. A slide will make your life much easier.

Vehicle wrapping is one the most indigenous form of method to make your vehicle more vibrant and classy. Vehicle paint is a very time taking procedure, especially in the US.

Vehicle Wrap vs Paint

You have two options for changing the color personality of your vehicle: a vinyl wrap or a paint job. The primary distinction between a wrap and paint is that paint is permanent, whereas a vinyl wrap is not. The type of makeover you choose is determined by your goals and interests.

What is Vinyl Wrap?

Custom-fit decals cover elements of the auto body to modify the vehicle’s appearance with a car wrap. Each component is meticulously applied, then heated to activate the glue and solidify the bond to the vehicle’s body. The decals have no effect on the auto paint and may be removed to return the vehicle to its original color.

Beyond the standard glossy finish, the graphic displays can be enhanced with gradient color, chrome metallic color, or an understated matte color. Decals can be customized however you like to make the appearance your very own. Learn more about GogoAds vehicle wrap/lorry stickering and see real-life examples of our work with car wraps


What’s a Paint Job?

Paint jobs could restore the auto body’s original paint or change the overall color. The body is thoroughly cleaned and degreased before being sanded. Final cleaning is performed to prepare the surface for painting. To evenly coat the vehicle’s surface, a single color is sprayed with spraying equipment. T

The body is treated with a clear coat once all of the coats have been applied and dried. A fresh coat of paint can restore a car’s appearance to that of the day it was originally driven off the lot. Paint jobs keep high-end and collectible cars looking authentic by preserving their original appearance.

So Should You Wrap or Paint Your Car?

A paint job will do for individuals who wish to keep things simple and conventional. It may take more time in the shop and cost more money, but a high-quality paint job will last for many years. To shift between work and personal use, you might pick a solid color for the vehicle.

Vehicle wraps, like paint jobs, can be a solid color to give a vehicle a new look without making a permanent modification. A custom design wrap is ideal for individuals who want to get their message out in front of thousands of people while out and about in public.

Having a bespoke design wrap on your vehicle exposes your brand in a big way and increases brand awareness. When not in use, some will even park these cars close to the road to maximize the advertising potential.


Have you noticed some cool stickers on vehicles around Johor Bahru that make you want to change your look? Begin the process of making your automobile into a crowd-pleaser! Please visit GogoAds or call us at +6016-2608227. We’re happy to answer any questions you have concerning the design and installation of vehicle wraps or lorry stickering.

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